Friday, January 29, 2010

China, cont'

Lounging Buddha.

Another Buddha.

There were a lot of neat doors in China.

Another neat door.

I love this roof, the color is so unusual.

Interesting pot/bowl, I can't tell you what this is, because I never hardly stood around the guide to listen, I was more interested in getting photos. Jeff was the one who listened most of the time. Sometimes the guides were annoyed if you didn't listen, but hey, I wanted the photos.

Crowded and hazy!

Crowds of people.

Always a lot of people where ever we went. And yes, it was hazy most of the time.

This guy set off a photo shooting frenzy! He and his group were staring at us, so I said, "Ni Hao," which is "hello" in Chinese, and he just starting smiling, wanted to have his photo taken with me, had to get photos of Michelle, Jeff, Eric and Julia, and it was just such a frenzy! It was so funny.

Okay...found another tour group shot with red hats.

So many adorable babies in China! Of course I have one, and she's 10 years old now!

I got the shot from behind, Michelle got the shot from in front of this group with their Burberry hats! There were so many different tour groups in China that some of them wore either different colored hats, or shirts or something to make it easier for everyone to stay together.


Sherri said...

alot of interesting textures!
Great photos!

Michelle said...

These bring back so many this is what you were doing when you should had been listening to the guide. I told one of them "just go on...jail is not going to listen" hahahaha.

Amazing job Jail!