Thursday, July 31, 2008

More from our lunch-hour photo shoot!

This is outside of Coco Bolos in Aggieville. We love the cool, bright-colored tiles on the outside of the restaurant. That's Kelly over to the right. She had to lug Michelle's big stinkin' bag around with all her sassy shoes in!! Love ya Michelle!

I love this photo of Michelle. Next time we're going to go out in the middle of a busier street and Kelly will have to stop traffic so I can get the shot!

This shot is outside the Beach Museum of Art. The tiles are so cool and of course Michelle makes the shot interesting! There's another cool photo of Michelle outside here, but you'll have to visit her blog to see it. It should be on her blog tomorrow.

How stinkin' cute are these shoes? I love the color. This photo has an action called "punch out" run on it.

From the Urban Rock action set, and this action is called Street Beat. Michelle's jeans pockets are so neat and this iron gate down in Aggieville was cool.

Love using my new fisheye lens. This is one of Michelle's fav shops in Aggieville, Acme Gifts. They have really neat gifts, and lots of gorgeous fresh flowers (well, most of the time) and cool vases to put them in.

Love all the glass tiles out the front of this store. We'll probably be going back here again for more photos. The lunch-hour is just too short to get all the shots we want.

Flare up golden

Punch out

If you are wondering about the cool tattoo on Michelle's foot, it's her name in Chinese! How freakin' cool is that? The Chinese characters are so neat and make for an interesting tattoo.

More actions

Indie Kick

Rusty Cage

Super Old Skool Fast

This last action is one of my favs, got it from the Totally RAD Action set, see the link to the right. These are some of the best actions you can buy! Check out the website.

Photo shoot in Aggieville


Bullet Tooth

Bullet Tooth x 2

Grandma's Tap Shoes

Homestead B&W

Love this photo of Michelle in her sassy orange shoes! Tried different actions on the same photo and love how they all look. The name of the action is listed under the photo. Got lots more photos to add and more of this one with different actions.

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