Saturday, November 17, 2007

More photos of the Divi Divi trees, Aruba

These trees are the Divi Divi trees located on Eagle Beach in Aruba. They are supposed to be very, very old. I don't know how old, but we only ever saw these two. There are lots of paintings for sale in Aruba of these trees, and there was one large painting in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at.

Interesting Cemetary in Aruba

We came across this cemetary in Aruba, and my daughter, Julia, was fascinated with wanting to see it. It was locked so we were only able to look through the gates. There were quite a few children's graves and Julia was so sorry for these children. She wondered how they died and just felt very sorry for them. Everything in Aruba is so colorful and the cemetary was too. All of the graves are above the ground due to the water table being high.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I loved all these little thatched huts on the beaches used for shade. All of these photos except the first one, were taken very early in the morning before everyone got to the beach to stake their claim on a prime sunning location!

Dreadlocks in Aruba

Downtown Aruba has a string of vendors along the waterfront selling souveniers to tourists that get off the cruise ships. Eric and Julia tried on the dreadlock hats and I just had to snap a shot of them.

The Mill swimming pool area

We stayed at The Mill Resort and Suites while in Aruba. These are some shots of the swimming pool area. Guests of the hotel would stake their claim to a lounge chair very early in the morning by leaving their towels on the lounge chairs. November is Aruba's slow time of year, so even though it seemed crowded to us sometimes on the beach and around the pool, I guess it could have been a lot worse.

Cactus/cacti around Aruba

Aruba is covered with Cacti. As you have seen from some of the other photos of the California Lighthouse, etc. We drove through a rural area of Aruba on the way to the Natural Pool and there was a fence along the road made from the Cacti. I will post that photo later.

More flowers

Such gorgeous bright flowers in Aruba. These are just a few of the different flowers we saw.

Flowers around Aruba

More bright colors of Aruba

WOW! I just love the bright colors of Aruba. The houses and buildings are just gorgeous. Loved taking photos of all the bright houses. Aruba's car tags say, "One Happy Island" on them. No wonder with all the bright colors to cheer you up!