Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photos from China

Of course when you're done eating you need to scratch your butt!!!

This panda was hungry!

Can you say cute? Aren't pandas just the cutest things?

I know this photo of the panda is blown out, but I still like it. They are so amazing to see in real life.

Proof that Michelle Langvardt was on The Great Wall!!! Do these steps look steep enough?

Partial shot of The Great Wall. Sure wish the sky was blue this day.

Photos below from Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

One of several large screens in Tiananmen Square.

Eric with the tour guide's doll on a stick, Tiananmen Square. I think Eric really enjoyed China. He and Jeff stayed another 2 weeks and went on a river cruise and to Tibet. How cool is that!

A close-up of the our guide Alina's doll.

Hello, do you think this screen is large enough? There were several of these screens in Tiananmen Square. The only bit of color in the dismal smog. These photos would be so much nicer with blue skies and fluffy white clouds....yeah right!

Tiananmen Square had masses of people there the day we went. Another nice shot with the smog. Makes for some really colorful photos....not!

You can see the smog in this photo above. Everything looks so dingy. Tiananmen Square.

Another photo of Julia, Tiananmen Square.

Julia holding the guide's dolly in Tiananmen Square. The doll on the stick was so we could see where the guide was and not get lost! We saw all kinds of funny things hanging from sticks.

Ni Hao. Finally getting around to uploading some photos from China. The smog was so bad in China. The only city that we actually saw blue skies and sunshine was Shanghai....the last city we visited. Shanghai had smog too, but since it's on the water it did clear up the second day we were there. I'll be adding photos as I can. We are glad to have had the chance to take Julia back to see China, but we're so thankful we live in the US. Julia is thankful too. The Saturday that we got back home from China, we were eating outside at Panera and she said, "Mom, thank you for adopting me." I think she realizes how lucky we are to live here.

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